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Awards And Certificates

Largest Cultural Trip of 708 People, Celebrating Diversity across 10 Nations

We've achieved a milestone recognized by the Golden Book of World Records for hosting the Largest Cultural Trip ever! In the memorable days of October 17th to 19th, 2017, we organized an extraordinary journey, bringing together 708 individuals from Bhopal for an incredible adventure spanning from Jalandhar to Manali.

This historic trip was more than just a travel achievement; it was a celebration of diversity and unity, with participants from 10 different nations coming together to share traditions and experience breathtaking landscapes. This recognition reflects our dedication to creating remarkable experiences that break boundaries and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

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Our Chardham Yatra Recognized by Golden Book of World Records!

Our Chardham Yatra has achieved a monumental feat! The Golden Book of World Records has honored us for orchestrating the 'Four Sacred Places pilgrimage trips' with the most significant number of devotees by a travel agency between April 22nd and June 30th, 2023, our Chardham Yatra hosted an incredible 10,010 devoted souls.

This recognition stands as a testament to our commitment to providing enriching and spiritually fulfilling journeys. This accolade fuels our passion to continue offering exceptional pilgrimage experiences that leave lasting impressions and spiritual nourishment for all our travelers.

Honored by Ministry of Tourism India: Recognized as Premier Experience Travel Agent!

We have been bestowed with the prestigious certification from the Ministry of Tourism, India, as a distinguished Experience Travel Agent. This recognition stands as a testament to our commitment to promoting the rich tapestry of India's culture, heritage, and unparalleled experiences.

Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Tourism, India, has been an incredible journey, allowing us to showcase the beauty and diversity of India to travelers worldwide. Our mission is to curate immersive and authentic experiences that resonate with the essence of this incredible country.

This recognition marks not just an achievement but also a responsibility—a commitment to continually elevate travel experiences and promote India's wonders on an international stage. Our forthcoming projects are aimed at expanding our reach beyond borders, inviting global travelers to delve into the magic of India's landscapes, history, and vibrant culture.

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Kinghills Travels: Officially Recognized as a Startup by Government of India

Kinghills Travels has received official recognition as a startup from the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India. This recognition reflects our innovative approach and commitment to excellence in the travel industry.

As a recognized startup, Kinghills Travels is poised to bring fresh ideas and transformative experiences to travelers across the nation. With our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction, we aim to redefine travel standards and create memorable journeys for all.

Kinghills your LTC Approved Travel Partner in Gujarat!

Exciting news! Kinghillstravels is now officially recognized by the Government of Gujarat's Commissionrate of Tourism in Gandhinagar as an LTC Approved Travel Company.

Explore the wonders of India hassle-free and enjoy tax exemption benefits on your travels with us.

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Kinghills Travels Recognized by Gujarat Tourism

Kinghills Travels is now a registered tour operator endorsed by Gujarat Tourism. This recognition highlights our dedication to providing exceptional travel experiences.

As a recognized partner of Gujarat Tourism, Kinghills Travels pledges to continue offering unparalleled travel experiences.

Kinghills Travels Incorporated under Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Kinghills Travels has been officially incorporated under the esteemed Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This milestone marks our dedication to transparency, accountability, and professionalism in the travel industry.

As a registered entity under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Kinghills Travels upholds the highest standards of integrity and governance in all our operations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every journey with us is safe, reliable, and memorable.

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